Dental Board and Hygiene Board Audits

Both the Dental Board and the Hygiene Board of California are auditing dental professionals. When audited, you receive a letter from the Board requesting you to provide them copies of your CE Certificates for a specific license renewal period, 2017-2018, as an example.

Because of the audits, my department that processes the CE Certificates we provide our course participants is flooded with emails requesting copies of their certificates, stating they are going through an audit and have misplaced or lost their CE Certificates. Based on the high number of requests, I can see that the dental professionals have a problem keeping their CE Certificates in possession. Unfortunately, many individuals and companies who provide continuing education courses have gone out of business due to the pandemic. If you received a certificate from these providers and misplaced your copy, you have very little chance of getting a copy to turn in to the Board.

Your Board requires you to keep your certificates for a minimum of six years (3 renewal periods) from the date of issue of the certificate. Failing to provide the requested certificates, you can be required to make up the missing CE Units, be audited for the remaining two renewal periods, receive a minimum fine of $1,500, and even face license suspension.

Backup Redudntcy is Your Friend

I have been using for years a scanning app called Evernote Scannable and a note app called Evernote. The Scannable app is Apple only, but the Evernote app is for Apple and Android. There are many Android scanning apps you can use with Evernote.

Here is the flow, scan your certificates and put them in a safe place. Now you have three copies, 1. the paper certificate, 2. a copy in your scanner folder, 3. a copy in Evernote.

The scan copy is in PDF format; this makes it a snap to upload to the Boards’ Breeze system. If you take a photo of your certificates, it will get saved in a JPEG format that you will need to convert to PDF format, which can be a pain. I highly recommend checking out

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Staying current with dental compliance is too easy!

Staying current with dental compliance is too easy!

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