Onsite Seminars – This format is trendy simply because the seminar is conducted in your office; that’s right; we bring the training to you!
The huge advantage of an onsite seminar is that you and your staff are taken on a tour of your office, so it’s a combination of lecture, evaluation, mock inspection, and how-to instructions. The methodology is to take the current compliance standard of your office and build from there, at the same time look for ways to cut compliance costs and labor hours, but never lose sight of achieving “Exceptional Compliance.”

Onsite seminars are available in 2, 4, 6 and 8 hours sessions. The following are popular topics,

  • Hazard Communications*
  • Injury and Illness Prevention*
  • California Dental Practice Act
  • California Dental Board Infection Control
  • OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard*

*OSHA mandatory yearly employee training for all employees.

What happens after the training? Just because the course is over doesn’t mean it’s over. You get unlimited email communications with Tom Terry, that’s right if you or anyone on your staff has a question email Tom at anytime 24/7.

Sponsored Seminars – Tom is often asked to speak and present courses to the members, employees, or customers of Dental Societies, Universities, Dental Schools, Dental Suppliers, and Professional Associations. If you would like to have Tom speak at your next event, please send him an email.

Special Seminars – Tom presents courses to focus groups, study clubs, and associations throughout the year on a variety of topics ranging from patient safety & service to small business issues.
A session is usually two hours; however, four hours session is available too. If you would like to discuss a presentation of your group, please email Tom.

You are encouraged to email Tom Terry: if you would like him to speak at your event. Tom can customize a presentation to fit most needs and special events.

Instagram: tomterryinc