N95 Mask

N95 and Biohazard Areosols

Biohazard Aerosols, Airborne Particles, and Splatter Contaminates The following information I have present to the dental profession for many years. I have revised the contents to accommodate changes based on current issues and developments. Please keep in mind, the information is my recommendation for establishing a higher standard when dealing with biohazard aerosols, airborne particles, […]

Risky Business – Biohazard Aerosols

A banner was sent to me stating this, “Experts states Dentist have the highest risk of transmitting and contracting COVID-19” Just COVID-19 and just dentist, I asked myself. The fact is dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants are all exposed to everything the patient brings to the office every day. Biohazard aerosols are most common in […]

Coronavirus Safeguards

Basic safeguards against the Coronavirus Coronavirus is a concern with everyone, especially the healthcare profession. When it comes to dentistry, we do not have the screening resources like the medical profession, so it’s a good idea to review the basics. Hand Hygiene Wash hands with soap and water frequently, more than you usually do. When […]

Mask Shortage

Masks Shortage & Coronavirus The Coronavirus, aka COVID – 19 or SARS Coronavirus 2, is not a China problem. The Coronavirus is a World Wide Problem even though China’s crisis is an epidemic, it’s not a pandemic at this time, but the problem is expected to become worst before it becomes better. Due to fear […]

Client Honor Roll

The “Client Honor Roll” is a list of dental offices in Northern California which I had the awesome opportunity to work with. These dental offices didn’t pay to get on the list but the staff did work their butts off to meet my challenge. If you are a patient looking for a dental office that […]

Dental Waterline Water Testing

No matter what waterline water treatment your office is using, testing the water is not an option. Not testing the water is like not seeing a dentist regularly. I highly recommend the Quick Pass Test Kit from ProEdge Dental Water Labs: https://proedgedental.com

Emailing Tom Terry

I encourage communicating with me by email, tom@tomterry.com. Email is a valuable communication tool in any business. However, due to the high volume of emails I receive, I must ask please include a signature containing the following information, Name of business Your first and last name Your office phone number Your email address My email […]

About Burs

Bur Processing – Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper use, processing, etc. This is the first step in bur processing. In most cases, you will need to access the manufacturer’s website for the information. Keep in mind, single-use burs are saturating the market, make absolutely sure the burs you are using are reusable or single-use. […]

Tanner Management

If I were a dentist who owns a dental practice, knowing what I know, I would hire a top-notch practice management consultant. The consultant I would hire is JoAnne Tanner at Tanner Management, period end of story! Find out what magic JoAnne can perform for you and your business by visiting her website: www.joannetanner.com

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