Exceptional Patient Safety

Tom Terry Inc. believes it is an honor and a responsibility to the public to showcase dental offices that established an “Exceptional Patient Safety” standard. Although many offices claim exceptional patient safety, only 2% achieve it. What sets the 2% from the pack, these offices do not subscribe to the policy of “Good Enough” when […]

Dental Board and Hygiene Board Audits

Both the Dental Board and the Hygiene Board of California are auditing dental professionals. When audited, you receive a letter from the Board requesting you to provide them copies of your CE Certificates for a specific license renewal period, 2017-2018, as an example. Because of the audits, my department that processes the CE Certificates we […]

Client Honor Roll

The “Client Honor Roll” is a list of dental offices in Northern California which I had the awesome opportunity to work with. These dental offices didn’t pay to get on the list but the staff did work their butts off to meet my challenge. If you are a patient looking for a dental office that […]

Safety Standard

Safety Standard

If you practice a safety standard that treats all patient bodily fluids, including aerosols, blood, saliva in a dental procedure and other potentially infected materials, as if it contains the most infectious substance, disregarding the health and disease history of the patient, then it should not matter if the patient is vaccinated or not. If […]

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Virtual Services

With the use of technology, we have been successful in providing dental offices Virtual Mock Inspections, Consulting, and Compliance Training while still maintaining the highest obtainable results and personalized service. We use a variety of virtual platforms like Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Whereby, GoToMeeting to name a few, selecting the best platform for content delivery, meeting […]

HVE Systems

High Volume Evacuation Systems

The question is, are there dental procedures conducted in the office that produced biohazard aerosols, airborne particles, or splatter? The next question is, can the procedures be modified to eliminate the aerosol risk? An example would be discontinuing the use of a cavitron and replace it with 100% scaling and no prophy. The final question […]

Hand Hygiene

Hand Hygiene Hands make up for 68% of cross-contamination in a dental office. Washing hands to produce a decontaminated result takes knowledge, time, and skill. However, the hands must be prepared, meaning fingernails length must not be longer than the tips of the fingers. Nails must not be covered with artificial surfaces. Fingers and wrists […]