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Wanted Sterilization Assistant

Sterilization Assistant, no experience necessary will train! Hiring a person with no dental background to work in sterilization is an increasing trend. Employment ads for “Sterilization Assistant, no experience necessary will train”, are popping up everywhere. The concern is the training, the skills the training produces and the timeline which the new employee can become […]

Need A Compliance Manual?

Need a Compliance Manual? Too Easy! You can order a compliance manual from us. It takes about three weeks to create and ship. Click the link for more information. Compliance Manual

The Choice is Yours, Excellence or Minimum?

Excellence or Minimum? I am often asked “What do regulations want me to do” The answer is simple, the minimum. For example, the regulations established by the Consumers Affairs (Dental Board), Health & Human Services, and OSHA are all minimums requirements. Even the CDC guidelines for a dental healthcare setting is the minimum standard. So […]