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I think so

A high “Patient Safety Standard” is based upon tangible results and not on “I thinks so” or “I was told”. A high Patient Safety Standard is not based upon cutting cost, waiting for a regulation to tell you what to do, or inconvenience. A high “Patient Safety Standard” must be embraced by every member of […]

Tanner Management

If I were a dentist who owns a dental practice, knowing what I know, I would hire a top notch practice management consultant. The consultant I would hire is JoAnne Tanner at Tanner Management, period end of story! Find out what magic JoAnne can perform for you and your business by visiting her website:

Amalgam Separator

I am often asked which amalgam separator I recommend. Although there are many good units available, I recommend the Solmetex HG5 which can be purchased from your dental supply representative.  Check out this link: