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Sharps Container Vs. Pharmaceutical Container

Sharps Container Vs. Pharmaceutical Container Sharps Container – is for sharps. A sharp is defined as an item that is contaminated with a bloodborne pathogen and in its current can inflict a wound like cut or puncture. Placing items in a sharps container that are not sharps is considered improper disposal and can result in […]

Processing Burs

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use, processing, etc. Disposable Burs – usually come packaged singly on a roll. Burs must be kept packaged until use. Reusable Burs – when new, can be placed in a bur block as a block setup. However, cannot be stored unprotected therefore must have a lid or placed in […]

Disposing Dental Anesthetic Carpules

Disposing Dental Anesthetic Carpules Empty Anesthetic Carpule – used but intact with no visible fluid like substance present can be discarded in the trash. No special handling is needed. Empty Anesthetic Carpule – used and broken, must be discarded in a sharps container. Full Anesthetic Carpule – not used but expired. Discard in a pharmaceutical […]