Client Honor Roll

The “Client Honor Roll” is a list of dental offices in Northern California which I had the awesome opportunity to work with. These dental offices didn’t pay to get on the list but the staff did work their butts off to meet my challenge. If you are a patient looking for a dental office that […]

Follow Me!

I invite you to follow me on Instagram and Twitter, I post on these two Social Media sites regularly. It’s a cool way of keeping up with what is going on in the Profession of Dentistry. I also post about life stuff to! Instagram: Twitter: – Tom

Emailing Tom Terry

I encourage communicating with me by email, Email is a valuable communication tool in any business. However, due to the high volume of emails I receive, I must ask please include a signature containing the following information, Name of business Your first and last name Your office phone number Your email address My email […]

No “800” Phone Number

We are no longer using the 800.609.8832 number. Due to a major screw up with the Voice Mail company, we made the decision to drop the 800 number. The number has since been assigned to another business that has NO association or affiliation with Tom Terry or Tom Terry Inc. So if you call 800.609.8832 […]

Thrive in 2020

It’s a new year and hopefully, you have set some new goals for your dental business, if not get busy. In either case, you must ask yourself this question, “Do you have the knowledge that is required to achieve your business goals?” The fact is, what you do for your dental business is based on […]

Tanner Management

If I were a dentist who owns a dental practice, knowing what I know, I would hire a top-notch practice management consultant. The consultant I would hire is JoAnne Tanner at Tanner Management, period end of story! Find out what magic JoAnne can perform for you and your business by visiting her website:

The Charities We Support

Tom Terry Inc. donates to the following charities. We hope that you can do the same, they all need our help to continue to do their great work. St. Baldrick’s Foundation Cancer is the number one disease killer of children, teens, and young adults. The St. Baldrick’s Foundation does outstanding work in fighting childhood cancer. […]

Dental Waterline Water Testing

No matter what waterline water treatment your office is using, testing the water is not an option. Not testing the water is like not seeing a dentist regularly. I highly recommend the Quick Pass Test Kit from ProEdge Dental Water Labs:

Disposing Dental Anesthetic Carpules

Disposing Dental Anesthetic Carpules Empty Anesthetic Carpule – used but intact with no visible fluid like substance present can be discarded in the trash. No special handling is needed. Empty Anesthetic Carpule – used and broken, must be discarded in a sharps container. Full Anesthetic Carpule – not used but expired. Discard in a pharmaceutical […]

Sharps Container Vs. Pharmaceutical Container

Sharps Container – is for sharps. A sharp is defined as an item that is contaminated with a bloodborne pathogen and in its current can inflict a wound like cut or puncture. Placing items in a sharps container that are not sharps is considered improper disposal and can result in citations and/or fines. Pharmaceutical Container […]