Air Compressor Inspection & Registration

The air compressor must be officially inspected by the Department of Industrial Relations, Pressure Vessel Unit. This procedure is not performed when the compressor is installed or the responsibility of the company that sold and installed the compressor. Air Compressor and Registration is conducted every five years or sooner if any of the following applies,

  1. The compressor tank is replaced.
  2. The compressor is relocated to another physical address.
  3. A change of ownership.

Some compressors may need an operation permit in addition to the inspection and registration. A compressor with a tank capacity of more than 11 gallons (1.5 cubic feet) or more than 150 psi must have an “Air Tank” and will need an operation permit issued by OSHA.  

To schedule an inspection contact,

Department of Industrial Relations
Pressure Vessel Unit-North Office
(510) 622-3066 Email:

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