Mandatory Courses for 2024

Live in-office Courses

Mandated Yearly Employee Training – 2024

The mandated employee training requires employers to provide ALL employees with compliance training every year. Failure to do so will result in citations and fines, including dental license disciplinary actions!

OSHA required tropics for Dentistry

Bloodborne Pathogens Standard, Hazard Communication, Injury & Illness Prevention, and Aerosol Risk Management. This course is four hours/4 CE Units. 

Depart. Of Health and Human Services (OCR) required topics,

Topics: Minimum Necessary Standard, Risk Assessment, Data Hijacking Prevention, Compliance Officer roles, Notice of Privacy Practices, Business Associates Agreement, Disclosure Form, PHI, HIPAA OCR, Breach Protocols, Recordkeeping, Compliance Programs, Compliance Policies and Procedures. The course is – four hours /4 CE Units

The Dental Board and Hygiene Board require licensed employees every two years,

Licensed employees in California must take the California Dental Practice Act and Dental Board Infection Control Regulations, plus CPR, every two years as a minimum requirement to renew their dental license. (Dentists will also need s two-unit course on responsibilities and requirements of prescribing Schedule II opioid drugs.) Note: Employers are not required to provide licensing renewal courses to employees.

A “Mock Inspection” of your office is included with the courses. There is no better way to “Get It Right than Hands-on Training!”

Based on over 50 years of experience as a healthcare compliance inspector and investigator at the State and Federal level, our in-office courses are designed specifically for the Dental Profession! 

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