Tom Terry

I’m Tom and here is my story,
I have never found a gross noncompliant dental office. But I have found incorrect information, outdated information, and regurgitated information from inexperienced dental compliance experts who are running around touting being “OSHA Certified” or promise worthless guarantees. These experts are adding unnecessary frustration, confusion while wasting their clients’ time and money.

My passion for exceptional dental compliance comes from working with dental professionals. I feel privileged to be working side by side with men and women who are dedicated to providing their patients with exceptional care. Unfortunately, they also have to deal with the dental compliance monster. That’s where I come in. I give knowledge that is back by many years of experience as an inspector, investigator, and compliance trainer. Taking the dental professional’s burning desire to learn and apply, together, we achieve exceptional patient, employee, and environmental safety results.


Instagram: tomterryinc