Upgrade Your Team Building Event with Continuing Education

Company events are a great way to inspire teamwork, network with colleagues, and have fun. How can you take it to the next level? By incorporating Continuing Education into your event! It not only strengthens work relationships but also encourages personal and professional growth. And where better to do it than in Northern California? Tom Terry offers weekend-only Continuing Education courses, including OSHA for Dentistry, the California Dental Practice Act & Dental Board Infection Control, right at your next company event. Not convinced yet? Check out our exciting activity options below.

Golf Tournaments: Whether you’re an avid golfer or just starting out, a golf tournament is a surefire way to bond with your team and improve your game. Tom Terry can integrate a half day of Continuing Education into your tournament for a well-rounded experience. Even if you don’t end up winning, you’ll have the opportunity to learn something new and strengthen relationships with your coworkers.

Fly Fishing Competition: Get out of the office and into nature with a fly fishing competition. Tom Terry can set up a half day of Continuing Education before or after, which is the perfect time to learn about OSHA for Dentistry or the California Dental Practice Act & Dental Board Infection Control. By incorporating Continuing Education, you’re not only providing an adventurous experience but also an opportunity for your team to learn while enjoying the great outdoors.

Mastermind Session: Want to take your company event to the next level? Incorporating a mastermind session will promote innovative and creative thinking amongst your team while also offering Continuing Education. Tom Terry can lead a half day of Continuing Education followed by a brainstorming session, where your team can come together to share ideas and solutions. This is a great way to improve work relationships, and you might just come up with the next big idea for your company.

Company Meetings: Company meetings are a great opportunity for Continuing Education. Tom Terry can lead a half-day course on OSHA for Dentistry or the California Dental Practice Act & Dental Board Infection Control before or after your meeting. This not only encourages personal and professional growth for your team but also ensures that you’re up to date on the latest regulations. 

Team Building: Consider getting some hands-on experience with team-building activities. Tom Terry can arrange a half day of Continuing Education alongside a team-building scavenger hunt or an obstacle-course challenge. This gives your team a chance to learn together while engaging in some healthy competition. 

Tom Terry offers exciting Continuing Education options that fit perfectly with your company events. By incorporating Continuing Education, you not only promote personal and professional growth but also strengthen work relationships and expand your knowledge. Golf tournaments, fly fishing competitions, mastermind sessions, company meetings, and team building are all fantastic opportunities to mix fun and learning. Upgrade your next company event with Continuing Education and have a great time while making lasting memories with your team.

We bring continuing education to your special events!

For more information and details, email Tom, tom@tomterry.com

The available courses are,

  1. OSHA for Dentistry – 4 hours
  2. California Dental Practice Act & Dental Boar Infection Control – 4 hours

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