Expert Dental Hygienist: Leading in Infection Prevention and Business  Success!  

Starting Simple

As an expert in the field, Nicole Ortega, RDH, RDHAP, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the dental hygiene industry. She has been in Dentistry since 1999  and has owned and operated a successful mobile dental hygiene business in Northern  California, serving the local community and making a positive impact on oral health since 2015. 

Expertise and Experience  

With years of hands-on experience, Nicole Ortega understands the challenges and nuances of the dental hygiene profession. Her expertise extends beyond just practicing dental hygiene to encompass various aspects of the field. 

Helping Other Hygienists  

Recognizing the importance of supporting fellow dental hygienists and seeing the need  for access to care, Nicole authored the book “Starting Simple, Second Edition.” This valuable resource serves as a guide for hygienists who are looking to start their own practices. By sharing her knowledge and insights, Nicole empowers others to succeed in their entrepreneurial pursuits and helps people help people.  

Focus on Infection Control  

Nicole Ortega’s passion lies in infection control, infection prevention, and cross-contamination. This forward-thinking approach ensures that patients have access to the latest techniques and protocols to maintain a safe and sterile environment. 

Innovative Contributions  

In addition to her dental hygiene practice and consultancy services, Nicole has made significant contributions to the dental industry. She authored the first children’s electric toothbrushing book, “Tickle My Teeth,” which promotes proper oral hygiene habits for children in a fun and engaging way. Moreover, she founded Lovely32, the world’s largest custom dental accessories and apparel company, catering to the unique needs and preferences of dental professionals. She continues to work with some of the biggest brands in Dentistry as a Dental Influencer and holds a position on the Colgate Oral Health Advisory Board.


Nicole Ortega, RDH, RDHAP, is a true visionary and leader in the dental hygiene field.  Her knowledge, experience, and dedication to infection control and prevention make her an invaluable resource for dental hygienists. Whether in her mobile dental hygiene practice, through her consultancy services, or via her contributions to the dental industry, Nicole Ortega continues to leave a lasting impact on the profession.

For books written by Nicole, visit Lovely 32

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