The Ultimate Guide to Show Off Your Love for Dentistry


Being a dental professional requires more than just the right knowledge and skills. It requires a passion for dentistry and a willingness to express it. If you are looking for some fun ways to show off your love for dentistry, then you’ve come to the right place. Thanks to the Lovely 32, you can now […]

Expert Dental Hygienist: Leading in Infection Prevention and Business  Success!  

Starting Simple

As an expert in the field, Nicole Ortega, RDH, RDHAP, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the dental hygiene industry. She has been in Dentistry since 1999  and has owned and operated a successful mobile dental hygiene business in Northern  California, serving the local community and making a positive impact on oral health […]

Mandatory Courses for 2024

Live in-office Courses Mandated Yearly Employee Training – 2024 The mandated employee training requires employers to provide ALL employees with compliance training every year. Failure to do so will result in citations and fines, including dental license disciplinary actions! OSHA required tropics for Dentistry Bloodborne Pathogens Standard, Hazard Communication, Injury & Illness Prevention, and Aerosol […]


BluTube comes in the only dual-cartridge system on the market to ensure your water is being treated at the same effectiveness all year. These powerful cartridge dispenses low-level antimicrobial when it detects bacteria–inhibiting potentially harmful biofilm growth. BluTube’s 2-cartridge system is specifically designed with the latest research in treatment efficacy and specifically engineered for safer patients […]

QuickPass Water Testing System

QuickPass® is the only in-office water testing system designed specifically for dental professionals. QuickPass® utilizes advanced scientific formulas to provide you with easy-to-read and more reliable results. Not only is this an economical tool to make sure your waterlines are CDC compliant, but it’s 100% confidential.